04 March 2020

Savage Machine is over and out …

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After 10 epic years we are powering down.

Despite having a good bit of unreleased material, circumstances no longer allow us to devote as much love for the music as it deserves.
Therefore Savage Machine, as a band, is no more as of 2020.

We are unbelievably proud of our roots in the Danish metal scene, which constantly shows its fruition in new talent and incredible initiatives. A special thanks to all the great people behind the scenes that allow us to get our message across.

An equally big shout-out to all of you, who have come to our shows, streamed our music and followed us through all these years. You have made this journey truly remarkable!
Thank you!

We have a few Vinyls, CD’s, T-shirts and other merch in stock with a hefty discount on it. We’d love for you to drop by and are grateful that Savage Machine lives on, for a bit longer, through you. Visit our shop here.

Until next time!
/Martin, Troels, Simon, Benjamin, Jacob


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