12 January 2015

Nils has left the band … and other updates

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Hey friends, and happy new year.
No. We are not dead, but it has been a long time with very few updates. So this is gonna be a big one.
First of all, we are sad to announce that Nils has left the band after only a few months of serving the Machine with his mad skills on the bass. Nils decided to leave due to musical differences about the new material.
Our old friend and bandmate, Benjamin, has picked up where he left us a year ago and will be playing with us at concerts. For now he is with us at concerts but not a full member of the band.
And speaking of concerts. We have teamed up with booking agent Kamilla Krater (https://www.facebook.com/KraterPromotions) who is gonna help us handle booking and concerts. We are really looking forward to this collaboration.
And finally Simon became a father for the third time. Congratulation to the happy family.
So. Savage Machine is alive and well. And busy writing new material.
Stay heavy!