07 December 2017
New album: Abandon Earth

New album: Abandon Earth

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It’s been long. Too long. But the wait is finally over and today we are proud to announce the release of our new album: ABANDON EARTH.

Join us, as we “Abandon Earth” with an album that takes us into the grim future of post-apocalyptic despair, where the war between man and machine rages. 
Earth Is dead and the last remaining resources are spent. The only salvation of mankind lies in the heavens but, who gets to go? Who deserves to go? Is there anything other than darkness out there?

We have teamed up with Tommy Hansen of Jailhouse Studios, who previously worked with legends such as; Helloween, Jorn and Pretty Maids.
The result is an ambitious full-length album with battering, yet playful riffs, powerful vocals and a rock-solid rhythm squad whose only purpose is to convert your heathen soul to that of a true headbanger.

All artwork for Abandon Earth has been done my Mario Lopez and we love how it aligns with the songwriting and production of the album; Rough around the edges yet full of detail and depth.

Abandon Earth is released on CD, download and streaming on January 19th 2018.

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