24 April 2014

Momentum becomes Savage Machine

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Momentum has fallen. Out of the ashes, a new name is rising: Savage Machine!
For too long we have been practically invisible in the media. We have been fighting for attention alongside three identically named bands. English punk, Icelandic doom, and even an American boy band.

So, with the release of a new single, we have chosen to shed the old name. From here on we shall be known as Savage Machine! The music stays the same. We still play pure old school heavy metal.

Changing the name of course means changing website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels. Go to www.savage-machine.com to check out the band, and hang with us on your favorite social network.

Along with the single release and all new online presence, we will soon be releasing an EP, entitled Through The Iron Forest. It is recorded in a place that feels like home to us: Jacob Bredahl’s Dead Rat Studio. Brad Boatright of Audiosiege is behind the mastering.

Through The Iron Forest is set to be released later this year. Until then you can enjoy the first single, Prisoners of War.